Medicare Advantage

Also Known As - Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage plans replace parts A and B and often Part D coverage with Private Insurance. 

  • You must have Medicare A & B to enroll in a medicare advantage plan.

  • The plans are offered by private insurance companies.

  • They cover all Medicare part A and part B services plus more.

  • Most plans include prescription drug coverage and worldwide emergency care.

  • There is an annual out of pocket maximum, once reached you have 100% medical benefits for the rest of the year.

  • Many plans include coverage for routine vision & hearing exams, eyewear &hearing aid benefits, & fitness or wellness programs.

  • It is likely you will be required to use network doctors & hospitals.

  • Generally speaking, plans have low or no monthly premiums in addition to the part b premium.  You must keep paying for Medicare Part B.

  • Plans have co-pays/coinsurance you pay to the provider upon receiving services.  

  • Plan premiums & benefits can change year to year.  You must be notified of the changes each year.

  • Once enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan you use the insurance card they send you for most services.  You DO NOT use your Medicare card.

  • Normally you can only change your medicare advantage plan during the annual enrollment period (Oct 15 - Dec 7).  Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for another enrollment opportunity outside of the annual enrollment period.

Insurance Carriers We Contract with for Medicare Advantage


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